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McCloud River Bed & Breakfast

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Built in 1903 by the McCloud River Lumber Company, our building was originally used by the Lumber Company, the Town Bank, and the local Telephone Switchboard for McCloud.

One quiet morning in August 1917, five gun shots were heard in rapid succession, and two men were seen running from the bank. In the attempted robbery, they had gotten spooked when the teller reached for a weapon. The exchange of gunfire got the attention of some hunters who were nearby. As the hunters realized what was happening, they fired upon the robbers, shooting one of them in the foot. The injured robber was later found shot in the head. It was assumed he was killed by his partner because he could no longer travel on the wounded foot!

For the residents and employees of McCloud, this building served as a hub of commerce. Prospective employees would come to this location for most job applications. The housing department would assign homes from here, pay checks were cashed at the bank, timber harvests were planned, and the daily mill operations were all coordinated from this office.

In September 1963, U.S. Plywood Company purchased the Mill, the Railroad and the entire Town.  As the Lumber Mill and Railroad were bought and sold over the decades, this  historic building continued to serve the town as needed.

In 1990, the McCloud River Inn received its historic designation by the State Office of Historic Preservation.

The restoration and renovations were completed in June 1995, and the McCloud River Bed and Breakfast opened for business with five lovely guest rooms. Great pain was taken during the restoration to preserve the historic integrity and charm of the building and era.

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