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Welcome to the McCloud River Mountain Music website!


McCloud River Mountain Music is a small grassroots managed music concert series located in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, in the heart of the beautiful mountain town of McCloud.


Our mission is to bring world class musical talent to our community. We pride ourselves on featuring talented artists who may be known or perhaps not as well-known but are definitely worth discovering.


Our shows are intimate and unique, we believe that the experience of live music up close to the performer is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences a person can have. We invite you to join us for our home concert series, which take place at various locations in and near McCloud.


Dave Reynolds is a radio host at KDRT 95.7 fm in Davis, California and promotes music events and festivals; he is also a proud resident of McCloud.

Come be a part of our community of music lovers!

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