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If you would like to reserve tickets for our upcoming shows,

please fill out the form below,

indicating which show you'd like to attend

and we'll put your name on the guest list.

Each show may have different capacities depending on the band and  whether or not it is indoors or outdoors.

Once you reserve your spot, your name will be put on the guest list

and we'll keep you up to date on the status of the show. 

Unless otherwise noted,

all MRMM shows are $20 per ticket per person.

All Proceeds go directly to the amazing artists visiting our town.

Please let us know if you RSVP and then are unable to make it,

so that we might open up those seats for someone else. Thank you.


McCloud River Mountain Music

Thanks for submitting!


McCloud River Bed and Breakfast

325 Lawndale Court 

McCloud, CA 96057

The Rusty Bison

416 Lawndale Court 

McCloud, CA 96057

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