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Jessica Malone
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From dimly-lit, solo acoustic songbird confessions to rambunctious & rollicking full-band jubilees, award-winning songwriter Jessica Malone takes listeners on a musical journey with the destination landing somewhere between self discovery and reverie. 

Embracing her Northern California roots, Malone blends soulful lyrics with an earnest sound, bringing to life the landscapes of her home.  Her oft-mellifluous, occasionally gritty, and always captivating vocals—accompanied by rich upright bass, heavenly harmonies, and soaring violin—will guide you across a musical terrain of retro soul, indie folk, and Americana vibrations.


Appearing at a multitude of festivals—including Napa Earth, Davis Music, and BottleRock—Malone has performed on prominent stages such as The Harris Center Three and The Mondavi Center, while opening for the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Joe Craven, Front Country, and John Paul White.


Jessica's tone is best describe as a blend of Nicki Bluhm, Joni Mitchell, and a magic all her own.


A Catalyst For Contemplation

Katalysst is a progressive folk rock group that smoothly fuses both simplicity and complexity through thoughtful chord progressions and dynamic bass lines. Combining cheeky lyrics with classical vocal finesse, their music interweaves memorable melodies with compelling motifs. Fueled and inspired by the tumultuous times, Katalysst provides listeners with an unflinching and at times lighthearted interpretation of modern life.

Kat and Alyssa met at a local music festival back in 2019 and fell instantly in love. They started making music in 2020, combining Kat's classical operatic vocals and acoustic guitar playing with Alyssa's writing ability and self-taught electric bass skills. Together, they have written a notable collection of songs influenced by the social and economic problems of the age (with a few love songs sprinkled in).

Laurie Lewis
The Right Hands
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For nearly four decades, Laurie Lewis has gathered fans and honors for her powerful and emotive voice and her versatile, dynamic songwriting. She is a sought-after recording producer and an equally skilled teacher and mentor.


And she is an inspiration and a ground-breaker – across genres, across geography and across gender barriers.

Laurie has shown us how a woman can blend into any part of the classic bluegrass singing trio, and she showed us how a great voice could move fluidly between bluegrass and other types of music.  She showed us how a female fiddler could emulate the strength and grit of the early bluegrass musicians.


She has shown how a Californian can appeal to traditional bluegrass audiences, as well as winning acclaim in the worlds of Americana and folk music.

She has shown us how to lead bands of talented musicians – learning from them while helping them make their best music.  And she has shown us how to thrive in a constantly changing musical environment – without ever sacrificing her art.

"Her voice is a rare combination of grit and grace, strength and delicacy.

Her stories always ring true."

Linda Ronstadt

Laurie Lewis
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Hailing from Northern California, Misner & Smith’s music is a combination of soaring vocal harmonies, extremely tight instrumental arrangements, and story-filled, poetic songwriting, adding up to some of the most electrifying music on the scene today. The band’s sound harkens back to the bedrock of american rock & folk, but the diversity of styles and genres are one of the things that set M&S apart. They can shake the walls like a freight train and then quiet the room to a whisper in a single song. With two singers who could easily lead a band independently, Sam and Megan sing with one voice, with music that captures longing and belonging in the same moment. Close your eyes and you’ll be swept up in a sound that you’ll swear is a full band. The combination of musical dexterity and vocal prowess packs a punch that will linger with you for a long time to come.

Misner & Smith’s combination of vocal blend, lyrical potency, and diverse songwriting make this duo one of the most unique and loved bands around. The award-winning original songs range from folk to rock to Americana to country, but essentially are something all their own, defined by the stories that each song tells. Misner & Smith create an extraordinarily full sound for only two people, and tour extensively both in
the U.S. and overseas. Headlining regularly at venues such as the Freight & Salvage, and the Palms Playhouse, they have also appeared at The Kate Wolf Music Festival, San Francisco Folk Festival, and can be heard on radio dials all over the world. They recently celebrated over a decade of making music together; a decade that has produced five albums, including their most recent release, headwaters.

Misner and Smih
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